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'Crazy, over the rainbow, I am crazy - bars in the window.'

I hate this Halloween tour. It's horrible, absolutely horrible. I should've not agreed to do it. I should've known from last year. But now I'm stuck as a tour guide...with a really BAD character. I'm trying to do this BAD character to the best of the ability...but now I have people critquing how I perform. 'Mind you, people who have the biggest egoes in the world. Well maybe they're right, considering this tour is so badly written and not even fucking scary. It's too funny...not even funny, it's stupid. Not everything is stupid. The parts that are supposed to be scary get too stupid. I seriously wanna change everything around. I wish Jelly and Lisa could change EVERYTHING. I know they can make it better. I dont even know why I'm's not even worth complaining about. Luckily they cancelled the Sunday show cuz I just want it to be over, like NOW. So advise none of you see it, for now...unless we make changes ourselves without Pattie's knowledge.

I miss my friends so much, like crazzzy. I'm glad I'm making new friends and closer friendships from work and the tour, but I miss everyone.

o0o and my car is currently being's a 1999 Toyota Camry - I know it's not the best, but all the safety features are great, it drives just like my mom's car, and it even has a sun roof :) It's like a silver/goldish color. I don't know about the insurance, but the car itself cost $7,000. So hopefully if it all works out, I'll be getting it next week!! And I'm getting my contacts back on Tuesday. I'm so happy about that cuz I've been wearing my ugly glasses for about 4 months.
IT'S HERE!!! I can't drive it yet though because it's not registered or insured. But in on my driveway & I just finished cleaning it. :)
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