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Update about my life time! Haha.

All's I gotta say is that I am counting the months, weeks, and even days when I go to school again. I mean, I'm sure everyone thinks I'm "lucky" since I don't have any school work to do. In actuallity, I want work, lol. I know everyone probably thinks I'm insane, but so what? lol. I have nothing to friggin do with myself besides work non-stop. I'm telling you once January hits, I'm sooo outa Target, lol. Well, I gotta find a reasonable job first, lol.

Other than work, I spent most of my weekend at TCNJ, lol. Ashlen and I went down on Friday because it was Kathy's birthday! It was not even an hour drive! Anyways, we get down there and met up with Kathy and gave her our presents and visited her dorm. Then we went downstairs and played some pong - soda pong that is, lol. I was never good at pong and never will be. Kathy and Ashlen the non-drinkers were kicking my ass. Fun times. Then we met Kathy's C.A.'s Sarah and Flamor aka Flamingo. Cool people. Then we went to Applebees for dinner. I got my usually chicken wings :) Kat kept leaving the table at the perfect times. First cuz we had to tell the waitress 'twas her birthday and to give her something non-choclatey, lol. Then after that, she left and it was perfect timing to plan the surprise party with Pat over the phone, lol. That was a fun ass night.

The next day I didn't have work so I basically spent the whole day cleaning my room and priming it. It's gonna be blue soon! Then I get ready and at 6ish, Ashlen, Pat, and I went back down again for the surpise party, lol. We got there and we went into Amanda's dorm along with her roomate Sam. Them along with Kathy and her roomate Blake were supposed to go to the Olive Garden, haha. Anyways, so Kathy came into Amanda's dorm and she was like "Why are all the lights out?!?! Why do you have a video camera?!?!" When she saw all of us, it was one of the funniest reactions I've ever seen. It was like a blood-curdling scream, like were had guns or something, lol. Yea but it was a nice surprise, lol. She opened more presants and she got a couple more cute things, along with some alchohal! I wish I was there to see her trashed out of her mind, lol. We didn't have any cuz we were too ocupied with the pizza and chinese food we ordered. Yea, both of them. It was the fattest I've ever felt, lol. Then we went walking around campus - it's so pretty! I'd love to live there...then again, I'm not smart, lol. We got good pictures and good times. We went back to Amanda's dorm and had cake! We had a taste of both Kathy and Blake, though I only had a taste of Blake, lol. Btw, it was Blake's bday 3 days ago. Then we said our goodbyes and left.

Today I called out of work cuz of my audition =0 It went pretty well. Edison Valley Playhouse is fucking tiny! But yea my reading went good and my singing, lol...I decided to do O Holy Night with funny movements. They seemed to like it. The director said that if I had auditioned for PIP play, that I would've got in. Hmm I guess under his direction maybe. But still, *squeel!* They have to call me within this week though and see if I have a call-back. I'm pretty confident I do though...hopefully.

Well I'm pretty friggin hungry, so I'm gonna end it here.
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