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Uhh yea, so apparently they're filming an actual movie in South Plainfield. Guess where? Right by my friggin house, right off of Spicer Ave. on the secluded soccer field by the recycling and pop warner fields! The movie's called "Gracie" & Elisabeth Shue is in it...I dunno who else. They filmed a scene I know in the Polish Home, too. So yea they're filming the scenes on the field through the 22nd, so everyday we've been checking it out, haha. I mean, it's amazing, right?! We haven't found Elisabeth Shue yet, but we saw the director who's her husband in real life. They have like trailers and shit, and tents right by the baseball fields where the actors hang out. I'm seriously thinking about just going under the tents with all the extras are and just having a convo with them, lol...there's so many of them, I don't think they'd notice I wasn't part of the movie.

Yea so thats the only eventful thing that has happened so far, lol, besides work, rehearsal, and auditioning for crap.
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