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I love cold weather! Though I hate it because my room gets really really cold. I already have a sore throat and a runny nose. Hmm. I'm already friggin tired cuz I worked today from 10-6. Yup, looong day, but time flew by pretty quickly. I was allowed two 15 minuete breaks and one 30 minuete lunch break. I have Starbucks every time I'm there. :) I know I have to eventually cut down on the caffiene, but whateves. Everything is pretty much goin good for me. I'm ready for the fall to take over. Though I'm not going to school, I'm still working and keeping myself occupied. I unfortatnely got sucked in doing the Haunted Woods tour again. But this will be my last time, haha. Some bullshit you just can't deal with every year, lol. I'm also trying to see if I could do the MCC show. If not, I'm still definately trying out for Joseph. I originally was debating on doing it, mainly cuz I always have that little voice telling me I'm not good. But after many advise and encouragement from friends and a night of listening and singing the entire soundtrack, I've made my desicion. There's just some musicals that are just really amazing. I would not care if I was put in the chorus, which I probably would if I made it. But we'll have to see.

I really can't wait for Labor Day, for some reason. It's the funnest day of the year, besides Halloween. I started worrying about the marching band cuz it's been raining non stop for days and they've been at band camp. Aww, just once I'd like to go back there. It's not that great of a place at all, but holds so many memories. :)

I've also been contemplating about my work situation. Since Target is a horrible job (I'm not kidding), I wanna probably leave it only if I get a new job in January. I either wanna get an office job or some job that has to do with my major/minor. I know they have jobs like that on campus, but I don't wanna screw anything up. I read that Plays in the Park had summer jobs during there shows and they also have internships, which means you don't get paid, but it counts as a bunch of college credits. How fucking sweet is that? That's something I'm looking into deeply cuz I'm way behind on credits.

So plans to see Level Zero at the Galaxy tonight fell through, mainly because of me working. So I'm trying to find something to do for the rest of the night. I'm going to a party tomorrow at some dude's house my dad knows. It's supposed to be like this mansion. I also used to be friends with his kids, so that'll be a fun reunion. Take care!

P.S. Who else finds it weird that Jessica Simpson is going out with John Mayer?
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i find it weird
Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while and I was wondering...
Are you going to the fireworks (tomorrow?)
If so, mind if I tag along?

Could hang out afterwards or something too.