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I'm so stressed! I keep thinking about school, and I'm not even going! They put up the wintersession and the spring schedule on the MCC site. My plan was to take two classes during the wintersession (english and alg. 2) and 6 classes in the spring. Now, I keep thinking about work. I can't not work cuz now I have my own responsibility for a car now and my contacts, tuition, books, and gas. I'm trying to figure out how I can get all this money to do all of this. My job doesnt gimme the hours I ask for, no matter how many times I ask. But I dont wanna leave now, cuz I'm sure there's no other job out there that's extremely flexible and pays well. I wanted to do a job that's theatre oriented and I'm sure their pay is extremely cheap, so fuck that idea right now. I dont wanna be behind on credits, I wanna catch up. I'm wayyy behind. I need to take something in the winter so I'm able to take 6 in the spring. Knowing my parents, we're gonna get into an argument about it, which shoots my anxiety to an all time high. When I'm told I can't do something, I got completely overwhelmed. And if this happens, I'm just afraid I'm gonna be stressed with 6 classes and then having to work on top of am I gonna find time to work with 6 classes? If I only work on the weekends, I wont make enough money. I'm so confused - I need to go to bed.
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