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Start me up!


I'm finally getting trained on Photo Lab! It seems really easy, though we have to work with chemicals sometimes. But it's kinda like Photoshop, except it's for regular pictures. The hours are really good. The earliest the Lab opens is 9 am, so I dont have to be there during opening hours. And the latest the Lab closes is 9pm on weekdays, then it takes like an hour to close it all up, so I'll be out of there by 10 instead of 11 like everyone in the whole store! And if I ever work on Sundays, the earliest I can come is 10 and the latest I can leave is 9. It's pretty sweet.

Well that play at Edison Valley Playhouse I didnt get into. They said I was very good though, just too young. Hmm ok? If I would've known that before hand, I wouldn't have auditioned. But anyways, Anthony the artistic director there, who also helps out with Haunted Woods, asked if I would like to help out with the show, like being on crew, painting, lights, ect. So I'm probably gonna do that once he gets back to me. It's good to put on a resume and to get experiance while I'm not in school.

Well I'm a tour guide this year for Haunted Woods. Err, the script is not good at all. So I think I'm gonna adlib and improv the whole show, lol. I'm supposed to be portraying a ditzy preppy girl, which will probably annoy the hell out of everyone, so I apologize if anyone is going to go on it...and I apologize if anything I say is really stupid.

I finally made it to a home football game tonight, but as soon as I arrived, the band's show was over, lol. That's like the only reason why I came. So me and Ashlen wandered and talked to some youngins and others. We saw Joel and it was awkwarddd, lol. Then the band walked by all of us...none of them remember us anymore, lol. By next year, there's gonna be no one we know anymore in band, lol. Scaryyyyyy!

Alright gonna go make myself a Chai Latte cuz I'm still sick. I'm also trying to find something to audition with if I audition for Joseph. Btw, the plays they picked for the PIP season aren't too great.

P.S. I need to go somewhere for Halloween cuz I wanna dress up as a mime, lol.
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