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This is a twist on the Letter Meme. Instead of coming up with ten items for a certain letter, you come up with five song titles for a certain letter and explain why you picked them.
If interested then leave a comment. I'll give you a letter. You post this blurb in your journal along with your list.

I was given P.

"Pain" - Jimmy Eat World: A really good hard rock song. I love Jimmy Eat Worl'd stuff, but this is probably my favorite song by them. I wish they would release new stuff.

"Pictures of Lily" - The Who: The first song I've ever heard by The Who. It was an early childhood memory cuz my dad loved them and Pink Floyd. I would've put Pinball Wizard, but I decided not to, lol.

"Popular" - Wicked: Though it can be really annoying, it's one of the funnest Broadway songs to sing.

"Pilatus": Don't remember who wrote it, but it was a song (a long song, lol) that we played in band. It was my last song I played in band cuz it was the finale to the spring concert '05. It was considered the senior song cuz almost all the seniors had solos, including me...a mallet solo, that I "jazzed up" at the All-District Festival. Don't ask.

"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" - Meatloaf: C'mon, who DOESN'T love this song!?!?! Best karoke song ever, hehe.
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i like the song pain by jimmy eat world too!
hahahaha i have to agree...who DOESNT love to sing paradise by the dashboard light??!?!?!?
Gimme a letter :)
OK! I'll give you...C, hah.
Right now, I do not know any other office jobs. I only got this one because my sister went to the Bahamas and her boss needed someone to cover her, and my sister mentioned me. They offered me a job by the end of the 3 days I had worked because I guess they realized I caught on fast? I know Katie Mott and Vinnie just left office jobs...and it was with her mother, so if you can get in touch with Katie see if she can hook you up. I don't know if they hired anyone else though.
Hmm ok, thanks!